AIDEV™ PLATFORM: Build Custom AI, Faster than Ever Before

Think Beyond Notebooks

The development environment to prototype, deploy & Share real-world data science projects.

Customize your account to work seamlessly with 100’s of integration options

Designed for Software Teams – Engineered for Business Impact

A powerful platform that allows engineering teams to build & deploy custom machine learning models from a single UI.

Deploy More Models to Production

Accelerate time to market, while hardening security, improving workflow, and strengthening team collaboration. Build locally, in the cloud, or on premise – all from the same platform.

80% cost savings in GPU Training Cost

By partnering with some of the most prominent cloud service providers in the world, our clients enjoy exclusive access to GPU, CPU & TPU infrastructure up to 80% less than conventional on-demand prices – all without long-term usage commitments.

Experience limitless AI Development

Leveraging the latest in technology with Golang and React, our AI development platform stands as a testament to innovation, offering businesses a crucial advantage: efficiency in time.

This cohesive platform is designed to streamline the development journey, ensuring swift market readiness—a feat often reserved for highly skilled engineering teams.

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