AI for IoT & Location Based Services

Partnering with IoT and Location Based Services Companies for AI-Driven Transformation

Companies in the IoT and Location Based Services sectors are increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to revolutionize their operations and services. Recognizing the potential of these technologies, they are integrating AI stacks to significantly boost efficiency, enhance decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

An AI stack in the IoT and Location Based Services realm encompasses a range of tools and technologies, from sophisticated data processing capabilities to advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. This stack is instrumental in harnessing the full potential of IoT and location data, transforming it into actionable insights for strategic decisions and innovative service offerings.

We are collaborating closely with companies in these sectors to develop AI Transformation Analyses and AI Implementation Roadmaps. Our focus is on leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies to multiply their operational output and efficiency. These strategic solutions enable IoT and Location Based Services companies to utilize cutting-edge tech, optimizing their operations and service delivery at significantly reduced costs, while simultaneously driving innovation and industry leadership.

The value of AI in IoT & Location Based Services

Elevating Teams to 10X Efficiency with AI

Envision a tool that not only doubles the productivity of your marketing team but does so in half the usual time. Consider the potential of a system that accurately forecasts market trends as they unfold, empowering your leadership to make proactive, data-driven decisions. In the IoT and Location Based Services sectors, such advanced tools are not just a vision; they’re a reality. By harnessing the synergy of dedicated professionals, sophisticated AI technologies, and well-defined strategies, we can transform ordinary departments into exceptional teams, rapidly elevating them to the forefront of industry innovation.

Developing Dynamic AI Roadmaps for Strategic Action

In the core of every organization lies its strategic roadmap, encompassing everything from product development and operational plans to sales, marketing, and R&D strategies. These plans, when harmonized, orchestrate a symphony of corporate strategy, traditionally developed over weeks and revisited annually. However, this conventional approach is being transformed by AI-driven organizations. They are utilizing AI tools to obtain actionable insights, integrating strategic discussions into daily workflows. This shift enables them to compete more rapidly, with a sharper, more relevant vision, adapting swiftly to market changes.

Maximizing Strategic Advantage with a Robust Data Stack

Businesses in the IoT and Location Based Services sectors are not only gathering and storing diverse data but are also poised to harness its full potential. Despite recognizing data’s value, many still need to establish a comprehensive data stack. This stack, including data lakes, storage, ingestion tools, processing capabilities, and analytics platforms, is vital for effectively aggregating a company’s data. It sets the foundation for creating proprietary machine learning models, offering immense value and a competitive edge, and forming a crucial part of the intellectual property for IoT and LBS providers.

Enhancing Immediate Performance and Long-Term IP Value

IoT and Location Based Service companies stand to gain significantly from a hybrid approach to AI, combining readily available tools with custom AI solutions. In the short term, departments across these companies can rapidly deploy off-the-shelf AI tools for immediate enhancements. Over the longer term, they have the opportunity to develop unique machine learning models using their own data, creating invaluable intellectual property. This blend of off-the-shelf and bespoke AI solutions forms the essential AI stack of the business. Effectively establishing, managing, and refining this AI stack is a crucial step for any business aiming to transform into an AI-driven leader in the IoT and LBS sectors.

Our Private Equity & Location Based Services Leadership

Felix Lluberes

Co-Founder & Senior Partner

Felix Lluberes is a seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist with 20 years in IoT, AI, and technology-driven industries. Known for expertise in transforming businesses and driving tech strategy, Felix excels in market expansion & business operations, particularly in Latin America. Felix’s leadership extends to multiple corporate and nonprofit boards, reflecting his global influence and innovative approach in the tech world.

Daniel Walpole


Daniel Walpole is a seasoned innovator and former 15-year Verizon Wireless Executive with a rich background in IoT and AI, spanning various industry verticals across two continents. His leadership is marked by cultivating winning cultures focused on collaboration, innovation, and resilience. Daniel's approach drives organizations to excel in dynamic environments, leveraging AI for strategic growth and operational excellence.