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My AI Stack™ is An intuitive dashboard for business leaders to visualize, review, and rate the performance of their off-the-shelf AI tools.

Choose from Over 10,000 AI tools to build your stack & AI roadmap

AI Transformation, prioritized

Thousands of AI tools exist today – but which ones are making a positive impact, driving value, and 10X’ing your team’s productivity?

With My AI Stack, businesses can answer these burning questions and more.

Monitor the health of your AI Stack

Just as we review employees on a regular basis, we believe in reviewing our AI tools. These internal reviews are designed to define KPIs like cost benefit, utilization rate, employee sentiment and ROI of AI tools. This gives management visibility into the importance and effectiveness of AI tools in the company’s AI stack.

Attach Policies for Risk Mitigation

As more off-the-shelf AI tools are developed & released at jaw-dropping rates, the need for internal compliance & risk mitigation is immense. Gain visibility into each tool’s compliance approvals and internal policies verifiably reviewed by your risk team.

This gives your AI stack the necessary guardrails to toe the line of innovation, without sacrificing risk.

A General Roadmap for AI Transformation

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